Industry Experience


AI/ML Research Intern (summer 2021)

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Data Preparation, Deep Learning.

> Paper accepted to IUI 2022


Research Intern (summer 2019)

Keywords: Machine Learning, Image Processing.

> Project filled for Patent (Patent)

Research Experience

Stony Brook University

Thesis: Enabling blind people to fill-out paper forms

An intelligent smartphone assistant which blind people can use to fill out paper forms independently.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Accessibility

Sharif University of Technology

Thesis: Virtual advertisement replacement in multi-view soccer videos.

Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Computer Vision

Teaching Assistant (TA) Experience

All the TA positions listed below included the following responsibilities:

  • Holding office hours

  • Answering student questions on online forums

  • Grading projects and exams

Stonybrook University

    • Machine Learning - CSE353 (Undergraduate Course)

Spring 2018

    • Artificial Intelligence - CSE537 (Graduate Course)

Fall 2017

Sharif University of Technology

  • Machine Learning (Graduate Course)

Fall 2015

  • Advanced 3D Computer Vision (Graduate Course)

Spring 2016

  • 3D Computer Vision (Undergraduate Course)

Spring 2016

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

  • Artificial Intelligence (Undergraduate Course)

Spring 2013, Fall 2013

  • Languages and Automata (Undergraduate Course)

Fall 2012

  • Advanced Programming (Undergraduate Course)

Fall 2011, Spring 2012